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Support Maui Strong Families

Maui Strong Childcare is dedicated to supporting families like Rainbow Kitchen, who have been unwavering in their commitment to serving the community during the challenging times brought about by the fires. Take the inspiring example of Rainbow Kitchen, a family-driven establishment that has tirelessly provided over one thousand nourishing organic meals to those displaced by the fires. They've gone above and beyond by opening their food truck and offering free meals to anyone in need.  


There are hundreds of remarkable families on the front lines, who have selflessly been supplying essential goods and food to families who have been displaced day in and day out. Their dedication is driven solely by the goodness of their hearts, as they haven't received any financial compensation for their consistent efforts. These families, like Rainbow Kitchen, are the lifeblood of the community's recovery. However, their admirable work comes with the challenge of needing childcare support so they can continue to provide essential services to those who have lost everything in Lahaina.   


Maui Strong Childcare steps in to bridge this gap by connecting families in need of childcare with qualified providers. By facilitating this crucial support, we ensure that dedicated individuals like Rainbow Kitchen's family and those selflessly working on the front lines can continue their vital work. Our mission is to provide the assistance and resources required to keep these essential community pillars strong and resilient during these times. Together, we are transforming Maui into a place of unwavering support and hope for every family and childcare provider.

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